Everyone wants to be #1… but we really are! EXTREME FAST PITCH is the best Softball Team in the greater Bay area. How do we know? Because we say so! And if we’re that passionate about our team’s drive, skill, passion and sportsmanship, then nothing else matters (except, of course, your support). Check out the players who make up our winning team and the people who coach them to perfection.

How many players are on the team roster?

We currently have 4 age levels with team sizes that allow us to maximize player development. Playing time is earned through hard work both on the field and off the field, and a consistent positive winning team attitude in practices, team meetings and games. As a nonprofit program, we only take players who tryout and earn their way onto the team. We are looking for players who love and respect the game, their parents, their community and most importantly players who respect themselves with an Extreme Winning Softball attitude.

What kind of training do the coaches have?

Our coaches have decades of experience coaching young athletes. Our players excel through our customize programs, clinics and practices. We guide our players through building their own personal brand for the future by working with them to help create recruiting profiles, professional skills videos and teach how to balance the weight of being a true full time student athlete. Extreme players also gain access to top Bay Area hitting facilitates and extended programs run by the same experts used by colleges and professional athletes. 

How much do you pay

to play?

We are a true nonprofit organization. We are made up of hardworking committed volunteers who all share the same love for coaching and developing young players. For this reason cost are kept low and every penny goes towards the players. Players are outfitted in top quality uniforms and play in high quality top level tournaments around the state. Parents of players who make the teams will be provided full cost information as it changes season to season and like to maximize every penny.

"My books are always open to anyone, we are a true nonprofit"

- Coach Rios -


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